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Immortals Fenyx Rising Update 1.20 Arrives With New DLC Support And Stability Improvements

Ubisoft has unwrapped the Immortals Fenyx Rising update 1.20 patch notes, which is now available to download for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The update includes support for the Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC, plus a range of quality-of-life improvements.

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  • Added support for the “Myths of the Eastern Realm” add-on, coming soon
  • Stability improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Quests, world events, side activities:

  • Added a failsafe to ensure Fenyx does not lose items found in the Vaults
  • Fixed an issue where the Fleet Footed Merch store and the Live Tasks were not available in the Hall of Gods
  • Fixed an issue where Fenyx could not reenter Ajax Fort after falling into the water
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs were missing from the Hall of the Gods – Hermes just told us everyone is there, safe and sound!
  • Fixed an issue where killing World Bosses would not award Mythical fragments

Gameplay, combat and balancing

  • Added small health regeneration to preserve first section of the health bar in Vaults – But we all know Fenyx can rise from the ashes…

User interface:

  • Added an option to toggle the ‘double press dodge’ action