inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4 patch adds Photo Mode and optional 30fps cap

A new patch for the PlayStation 4 exclusive title inFAMOUS: Second Son will give players the opportunity to take custom screenshots and set a framerate cap of 30fps.

Due to launch tomorrow, Thursday, players can activate the camera at any time in-game by pressing L3. From the photo viewer players will be able to adjust settings such as focus, angles and colour filters before sharing their screenshot with other gamers. Sucker Punch has released the following video to showcase the new Photo Mode.


Also included in the patch is the ability to lockdown the framerate to 30fps and adjust the time of day. Other features include:

• A handful of localization text changes, and a couple of fixes for rare crashes in the game (Thanks to all of you who uploaded reports on those, they were extremely helpful!).

• If your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of gameplay, your game will pause. Our art director pulled a hamstring scrambling to get his second controller mid-boss-battle, so we needed to fix this.

• If you’re choosing expert difficulty, we let you know within the options dialog if you’re qualified for the “Unstoppable” trophy the moment you opt in.

A specific time for the release of the patch hasn’t been confirmed. While you’re waiting,  check out the PSU review of inFAMOUS: Second Son.