Insomniac: Resistance 3 already playable from start to finish

Insomniac Games has teased that Resistance 3 is already fully playable from beginning to end, despite the fact it won’t be out until September 2011.

Apparently, the shooter has already got two years worth of development under its belt, though there’s still a fair amount of polishing to be done. PlayStation Move and 3D support have also yet to be decided.

“I think… and we have to be careful about discussing exactly where we are in dev… but we totally have a lot of content done (2 years of dev so far) w/ a lot of polishing to go,” community overlord James Stevenson told the folks at NeoGAF.

“The game is playable start to finish on disc, which is pretty insane for an Insomniac game w/ this much time left.”

Elsewhere, Stevenson also touched on the game’s multiplayer component in a separate post on the PlayStation Blog: “It’s new, improved. It’s a more focused experience, progression-based, and takes place in maps located around the world,” he said.

Resistance 3 is due out exclusively on PlayStation 3 on September 6, 2011.