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Is Forza Horizon Coming To PS5?


Is Forza Horizon Coming To PS5? The Forza series has made a strong name for itself as one of the best racing franchises to play in video games, due in part because they cater to both hardcore simulator fans, and those who just want to drive cool cars.

The Forza Horizon titles have been the offer to players just wanting to drive cool cars, and the most recent Forza Horizon has stunned racers as arguably the best in the franchise.

However these games have always been exclusive to Xbox and PC players, they’ve not previously been available on PlayStation.

That hasn’t stopped players from asking is Forza Horizon coming to PS5? Will Forza Horizon come to PlayStation?

Let’s find out.

Is Forza Horizon Coming To PS5?

The short answer is no, Forza Horizon won’t be coming to PS5. It’s an IP that’s owned by Xbox and Microsoft, and developed by two Xbox-owned studios, Turn10 and Playground Games.

The long answer, however is a huge maybe. Recent rumours have been running wild that Xbox will start publishing its first-party developed titles on all platforms.

So far games like Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment and Sea Of Thieves are reported to be the first batch, but once the doors are open, who knows what’ll crawl out.

It could be the case that Forza Horizon and other major first-party titles do indeed come to PS5. Other rumours point to games like Starfield, Gears Of War and the coming Indiana Jones game being on the port list.

Thankfully we won’t be waiting long to find out some official information, since Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty will host a special edition Xbox Podcast to answer all these questions.

If the rumours are true, the entire industry could be changing forever.