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Is Having A GTA 6 Female Lead Character A Good Idea?

gta 6 female lead character

The Grand Theft Auto series has never featured a female protagonist, but in GTA 6 things could change as Rockstar's latest game is rumored to feature the first-ever female lead character in the series.

It's worth noting that previous GTA games have been flagged up in some circles for being degrading towards women – painting them in a bad light as prostitutes, having male characters talk down to them like they're worthless and being a series that is totally misogynistic.

Consequently, the series has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons yet it hasn't stopped gamers in their millions making it one of the most successful franchises of all time.

Across the web, we've seen various debate on the subject of a possible female lead with some corners of the net thinking it's a bad idea, and others thinking it's a brilliant move by Rockstar.

gta 6 female protaganist

One school of thought it that there aren't that many women who are gangsters. It's a man's line of work and the series has featured stereotypical male gangster types since its inception. So, it's argued that having a female lead character in GTA 6 is simply unrealistic; it could break the overall tone of the game. After all, the world of this type of crime is dominated by men, say some gamers.

Consequently, they argue that there's literally no reason whatsoever to have a female lead in a Grand Theft Auto game, other than to avoid the shitstorm that would be coming from media about the series' portrayal of women yet again, at a time when equality is a hot and extremely sensitive topic.

If this is at all true, then it will be interesting to see whether the language towards women and the portrayal of other female characters is handled differently than previous GTA games. If the game is set in the rumored Vice City, a location where ladies of the night pimp their wares, that'll be a momentous task.

Others argue that players will still be carrying out the same tasks as previous GTA games, so does it really matter what the lead character looks like or what gender they are as long as they do the job their set out to do? In fact, some people believe it could be an ingenious move by Rockstar to feature a strong female lead that holds her own in a GTA game world dominated by men.

gta online women

We've seen one of the strongest female lead characters ever emerge recently with Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. She's rapidly become an iconic figure and she makes a refreshing change to the stereotypical males that have dominated video games. Alongside the likes of Nadine from the Uncharted series and Chloe from Life is Strange we've seen some fantastic female characters. If Rockstar gets it right, then its GTA 6 female lead could become quite an icon too.

To understand the opinion of our readers, PlayStation Universe conducted a poll asking: Would you like to see a female lead character in GTA 6?

While 42% said yes, 22% replied no and 36% simply weren't bothered.

What do you think about GTA 6 potentially having a female as its lead character? Are you looking forward to it? Does it bother you? Let us know in the comments below.

  • PorHawj2016

    Lol yes, main female character should be in GTA 6 for first time in GTA series but she should be sexy and hot

  • Steven Kelley

    Doesn’t matter. I just hope they do any multi-protag release. I liked that a lot.

  • Fonz

    Likely she will be one of more playable characters. Having multiple characters in GTA 5 was a genius move. Having a female character can open up some missions. Imagine going undercover as a date only to assassinate or poison the target. Game can also explore or satire women in a different way. For example, Nico or Trevor can’t walk into a women’s restroom. Game also never includes women cops when we know there is. There’s plenty to explore in that realm.

    • suli559

      Here’s to wishing those Eva Mendez/Ryan Gosling rumors are true.

      • Fonz

        I actually wasn’t aware of those rumors. It kind of makes sense then that the game would be in Vice City. It was the only game in the series to feature a well known actor for the lead in Ray Liotta. Looks like they are continuing the trend.

        • suli559

          Those rumors came out years ago and honestly I’m hoping they’re ture.

  • Angriest_Beaver

    Choices are always great in a game.

    I’d probably just get myself a player-only furry mod if they existed anyway.

  • suli559

    Only if it’s Eva Mendez 😍

  • Rafoca

    It doesn’t matter. All I want is a good game. Couldn’t care less about genres on games. Gimme a good game and I’ll be happy

  • Hvd

    i wont play it if it does.the sjw police will be all over rock star if they add a female.i say just keep it a guy,have a good story and its gold.

    a female criminal could cause political issues with sjw libtards.

  • andrewsqual

    It would have been HILARIOUS if the character of Trevor was a female in GTA V. Imagine the uproar there would have been.

  • GrimmyReaper

    I could go either way TBH as long as it’s not just added to appease the SJW outcry because they never buy these games. All I want is another great GTA game. If the game is fun to play, you character could be a chimpanzee and I could care less.

  • Beasley2K

    I don’t mind games having female leads, provided it’s relevant to the story and isn’t shoe-horned in the appeal to feminists and diversity advocates like Anita Sarkeesian, who won’t play the game anyway

    If it helps make a good game, go for it. If you’re adding women to make a political statement then I won’t touch it and will do everything I can to make sure no-one else does too.

    “Strong female leads” like Aloy are cast as such because it’s relevant to the story. When I see characters like Aloy, Lara Croft, Faith Connors, Evie Frye, Max Caulfield, etc. I don’t see “strong female lead” but “interesting and relevant character”.

    Like literally every role in life, what matters most when creating a main character is what the best person would be – not what genitals they have.