Justice League’s Aquaman "would love" to play as Kratos in a God of War movie

It’s no secret that Sony has been trying to get a God of War movie made for quite some time now. While it’s still in development limbo even today, it seems a rather well known actor has seemingly thrown his name in the God of War actor hat.

In a recent panel video interview, Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo), or now known as Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movie due later this year, was asked whether he was familiar with the God of War franchise and if he’d be down to play the bald badass protagonist Kratos. Momoa’s answer? "I saw pictures of that guy; I would love to play him." Momoa was then asked what would happen if Sony contacted him about the role and whether he’d be interested, to which the actor said, "hell yeah!" 

You can watch Momoa utter those words yourself in the vide above (around the :30 mark).

In God of War gaming news, Amazon has listed the release date of God of War on PlayStation 4 to ship out on June 2018.

Jason Momoa will next be seen in Warner Bros. real-life adaptation of Justice League where he will play the king of the seas, Aquaman.

Would you want to see Momoa as Kratos or do you have another actor in mind to play the god slayer?

Source: tbreakTV via TheWolfHall