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Kate Bishop And Hawkeye Are The First Post-Launch Marvel’s Avengers Heroes In The Taking AIM Operation

kate-bishop-and-hawkeye-are-the-first-post-launch-marvels-avengers-heroes-in-the-taking-aim-operation (3)

Square Enix has confirmed that Kate Bishop and Hawkeye will be the first heroes coming to Marvel’s Avengers after the game launches.

The two will arrive as a part of the Taking AIM operation, which will start a few weeks after launch. The operation will first introduce Clint’s protege Kate Bishop as a playable hero, with Hawkeye also being added during the operation.

Operations are what Square Enix are calling Marvel’s Avengers’ post-launch hero drops and they will typically be two character events with a story revolving around two fellow heroes. For example, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop or the rumoured other characters set to join the game.

You can watch the Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Taking Aim operation trailer below:

Marvel’s Avengers is now playable with the deluxe edition and we are currently playing it. However, you will need to wait a while for our review and you can find out more about why. Crystal Dynamics have also just revealed how the game will use the PS5’s 3D audio feature in a new blog post. You can read the full quote here.

Marvel’s Avengers releases for PS4 on September 4, 2020. The game is coming to PS5 later this year.