Ken Levine shows off BioShock Infinite’s Ultimate Songbird statue

There is nothing better than getting sweet collectibles with your hit games, and it should come as no surprise that fans of BioShock can pick up something special when the new game is released next year. The Ultimate Songbird Edition for BioShock Infinite comes with a Songbird statue, and in the video below, the game’s Creative Director Ken Levine shows off the goods and describes his love for collectibles.

Levine confesses that he is, in fact, a nerd like the rest of us. The box for the statue looks from the industrial era and comes in just under two pounds.

The Songbird Statue is no joke, standing at a solid 9.75" and hand-painted with a resin cast. Robb Waters, concept artist at Irrational Games, designed the statue. You can preorder now. The game is out Feb. 26. The Ultimate Songbird Edition will set you back $149.99 USD.