Killzone dev’s new PS4 title to include micro-transactions, may be free-to-play — rumor

The creator behind the Killzone franchise may be looking to incorporate micro-transactions in its next PlayStation 4 project, which has confirmed to be a new IP.

Guerrilla Games posted a job ad (via GamingBolt) for a regular/senior online designer, which calls for candidates who have “developed micro-transactions and/or nontraditional recurring revenue models.”

In addition, it also gives a shout out for individuals who have “developed or supported online gaming communities or title with a large ‘social’ focus.”

Speculation is already gathering pace that the Killzone studio is exploring free-to-play territory for its new game, an avenue which has already seen great success on PS4 with the likes of War Thunder, Black Light and War Frame.

It is expected that Guerrilla Games will unveil details on its new IP at Sony’s E3 press conference in  June. The company previously cut its teeth on PS4 with the launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall last November.

What do you make of Guerrilla possibly going down the F2P route? Let us know below.