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Kingdom Come Deliverance Healing – How to Heal And Restore Health

Kingdom Come Deliverance how to heal

Tired of getting bashed and want to learn how to heal and restore health quickly in Kingdom Come Deliverance. In the following Kingdom Come Deliverance healing guide, we'll show you how to stop yourself bleeding and heal quickly.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Healing Help

Learning how to heal yourself is vitally important. Due to frequent bouts of combat you'll find yourself injured a lot, and need to restore your health.

You cannot heal yourself during combat, but as long as you flee or are outside of danger zone there's a few different ways to heal in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Here's the various ways to boost your health.

1.Sleep - Go and rent a room, sleep in your own bed, or any old bed you can find! Your health will regain based on how much you sleep. So, get a good rest and all your health will be restored by 10 points per hour.

2.Use health potions - You'll find health potions in crates, and can buy them from innkeepers or alchemists but you can also craft them. The most effective health potion for healing wounds in Kingdom Come Deliverance is the Marigold Concoction.

You can craft this potent formula by collecting 1 x Nettle and 2 x Marigold. There's plenty of Marigolds (orange flowers) and nettle dotted around the Miller's House that you can pick up. Once you've got it, head to the Alchemist station and start cooking in the cauldron.

You'll need to have the book for the potion, which you can pick up from the Apothecary store next to the Alchemist station. The full ingredients you need to put in the cauldron are - Water in cauldron, 2 Marigolds into the dish, put Nettle into cauldron, heat up into it boils.

Turn the sandglass one turn, get your dish and pour it into cauldron. Grab the vial, bring it to the cauldron and you've brewed your Marigold concoction.

3.Eat food - Food is common place throughout the game, though it's not the most effective form of healing in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Nevertheless, it’s always worth keeping some rations on you for when you really need them. Just make sure you eat fresh food, and not rotten food! Otherwise, you’ll be poisoned. We’d recommending carrying dried food as it lasts longer.

4.Use bandages - If you're bleeding, you may need to apply bandages. You'll start with a few in your inventory from the outset and can by more from shopkeepers. You can also get them from Cumans once you keep them.

5.Go to a bath house – You can refill your health in Kingdom Come Deliverance by going to a bathhouse. This will totally replenish your health bar, but will cost you 30 coins for the privilege.

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