Kingdom Hearts 3 release date rumor exposes development issues


Jose Alamo, a well-known insider for all things Square Enix, has posted on Twitter that the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is now targeting a late 2018 window amidst various production issues.

According to Alamo, the development team at Square Enix are experiencing various problems with production of the hotly anticipated Disney-RPG, which he claims will now be as incomplete as Final Fantasy 15 was due to numerous content cuts having to be made. Needless to say, Kingdom Hearts 3’s development has not gone swimmingly at all. 

Reportedly, director Tetsuya Nomura is something of a perfectionist, which has increased the development cycle of the project, and that a rushed trailer originally slated for April will now debut later this year instead. Furthermore, the Osaka-based team is finding production of Kingdom Hearts 3 an exhausting effort, with things not being helped by Final Fantasy 15’s troubled production cycle over the past few years. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 was originally announced four years ago during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference, although we’ve seen little on the game since then—eight minutes worth of footage, to be precise. Square Enix hasn’t been completely silent during this time; we know a few details on the game’s keyblade transformations, the fact it probably won’t be the last game in the series, and that it will feature a world based on Big Hero 6

Of course, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Kingdom Hearts 3 is still some way off. Just recently, Square Enix revealed that the title was due to ship in FY 2018 and beyond alongside Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which means we won’t be seeing it in 2017 or even early next year. 

Source: TheBitBag