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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Leaked?

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It’s the seemingly eternal question when it comes to the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 news. Up there with ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘How can we achieve world peace?’ and ‘How is Impact Wrestling still in business?’. That question? Is the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date going to be this year?

Said question has been posed year after year, as details on the game shoot up at a miserably pedestrian rate a Canadian Redwood would call slow. The answer just never comes, so every sliver of hope given has to be treated with hope, dreadful, disgusting hope.

The latest morsel of hope comes once again from retailer Target, that has a new release date on its site for Kingdom Hearts III. The date listed is October 31 (a Wednesday), and pre-orders are set to release on November 1.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 release date

The last hope nugget that dared to try and answer the eternal question also came from a Target listing. Said listing had Xbox One version of Kingdom Hearts III for pre-order and had a release window pegged on November 2-7 2018.

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Now, placeholders are rife in such places, so that’s still a distinct possibility. Yet surely the farce that is this game’s development can’t go on much longer? After all, we did actually see The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV become reality eventually. Sadly, even if this turns out to be anything close to an actual release date, there’s still the almost inevitable misery of further delay. Because the suffering must continue.

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Whenever it does finally arrive, we’ll be seeing Sora mix it up with Disney properties like Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc.Tangled, and most exciting of all, Toy Story. At this rate, a 2019 release would only be acceptable if they added a Moana world in there.

It’s the hope that kills you.

In other Kingdom Hearts 3 news, there have been a fair few rumors flying around, including the shock omission of a fan-favorite character.