Kingdom Under Fire II gameplay showcases PS4 power with explosive, large-scale battles

A new extended gameplay trailer for Kingdom Under Fire II has been unleashed by Sony Computer Entertainment, showcasing how the PS4 copes expertly with the large-scale battles that players can expect when Blueside’s action-RPG launches later this year.

The following trailer was edited using in-game footage and showcases some incredibly fast-paced and brutal battle scenes, and is further proof that the PS4 version looks superior than its PC counterpart.

Sang Youn Lee, producer and director of Kingdom Under Fire II writes: "Each of the three playable characters in the trailer showcase their unique skills with various troops on the battlefield. However, they face a serious crisis thanks to a powerful attack by Celes. At that moment, Kendal — one of the main characters in the series — appears as support for the playable characters, and the war continues."

Sit back and enjoy the mayhem…