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Konami Teases Unannounced Project That Is “Quietly And Deeply Underway”

After years of speculation, 2022 was the year we finally got confirmation from Konami that more games from the Silent Hill franchise are on their way, including a coveted Silent Hill 2 remake.

But Silent Hill is far from the only tentpole gaming IP that the publisher has let sleep for too long. Metal Gear Solid is the series many fans hope gets some tender love and care sometime soon, and 2023 could very well be the year it finally happens.

In a New Year’s message published by Famitsu, Konami alludes to an unannounced project and asks that fans “look forward” to the company’s progress.

“Happy New Year to all game fans. Thank you very much for enjoying many KONAMI games last year. As this year is the year of the rabbit, we are planning power-ups and new developments for the familiar series, aiming to make a further leap forward.

In addition, a new project that has not yet been announced to everyone is quietly and deeply underway. Please look forward to KONAMI’s further progress.”

Of course there’s no guarantee that this means a new Metal Gear Solid is on the way, but if Konami really wants to make a big splash this year, then announcing a new Metal Gear Game or a remake for any of the Metal Gears 1-4 could do just that.

Source – [Famitsu via VGC]