Learn to play Queen in new song pack for Rocksmith

If you ever wanted to learn that killer lick from “Killer Queen” or “Bohemian Rhapsody,” you can now take to your six-string and master these classic Queen tracks in the all-new song pack for Rocksmith. Of course, included in that bundle is perhaps the worst Queen song, “Fat Bottomed Girls,” but you can certainly show off those skills to, um, your mom or something.

In addition to those three songs, you will also get “Keep Yourself Alive,” and “Stone Cold Crazy.” Each song is available for $2.99 USD via the PlayStation Network or $11.99 USD for the complete 5-song pack. You can expect additional track packs on a regular basis and don’t forget that the bass DLC is coming later this year.

Rocksmith is like having a virtual guitar teacher through your PlayStation 3. Sure, others may have invented the genre, but if you are a diehard musician—or a wannabe—you should really give this game a try.