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Lies Of P Has Amassed 7 Million Players Worldwide

Neowiz has announced that Lies Of P has pulled in seven million players since its launch in September 2023.

Lies Of P is based on the classic tale of Pinocchio but with a darker twist, players jump into the role of a puppet created by Geppetto and discover that the once-lively city of Krat has become a dark, blood-soaked and malevolent place filled with madness. Travelling on foot through the city, which is draped in stunning Belle Époque era style, players must battle against biomechanics foes using an arsenal of weapons and your trusty mechanical arm, which can be equipped with all sorts of handy tools.

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Pinocchio is able to tinker with a crafting system that allows for 30 different weapons and 100 different combinations, as well as a Lying System that places emphasis on your decisions, which allows the payer to unlock one of three different endings. You can get more details in our Lies Of P review here.