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Lies Of P’s Frustrating Dodge Move Will Be Fixed For The Game’s Launch

Jiwon Choi, game director on Lies Of P, has revealed in an interview discussing fan feedback to the game’s demo that the problematic dodge function will be fixed for launch.

In Lies of P, dodging and guarding are one of the most crucial elements, alongside the P-Organ. Given the inherent intricacies of the game’s structure, it is imperative to handle these elements meticulously with great care. We are currently undergoing a comprehensive evaluation on the various aspects of the dodging system including the invincibility frames, distance mechanics, and more.

Our team of developers is fully committed to delivering an exceptional combat experience that not only maintains the essence of enjoyment but also reflects the precise attention to detail required.

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Elsewhere, Choi confirmed that the development team are “devoted to perfecting the sensation of impactful hits…ensuring that each strike elicits a gratifying sense of satisfaction for players.”

The Lies of P demo has been a massive success, having been downloaded by over one million players as of June 16. You can read our impressions of the demo here. Lies Of P is scheduled for release on September 19, 2023 for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

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