Life is Strange 2 confirmed by DONTNOD co-founder

DONTNOD co-founder Alain Damasio has confirmed during a recent interview that Life is Strange Season Two is currently in development.

According to a translation of the article (via NeoGAF), Damasio confirmed that a follow-up to the acclaimed teen drama is indeed in the pipeline: "I worked as a script doctor on Life is Strange developed by the studio DONTNOD and I will participate on Life is Strange 2 later."

Nothing else was revealed on the new season of Life is Strange, although a follow-up perhaps isn’t all that surprising considering the first season was well-received and sold in impressive numbers. Furthermore, a message following the climax of Episode 5: Polarized read ‘Thank you for playing Life is Strange Season 1,’ suggesting that DONTNOD wasn’t going to abandon the series after just one season. 

Life is Strange is comprised of five episodes and launched in January for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The series focuses on the exploits of art student Maxine Caulfield, who returns to her hometown of Arcadia Bay to continue her studies only to find she has the ability to manipulate time. After reuniting with her old chum Chloe, Max seeks to use her new powers to discover the mystery behind the disappearance of fellow student, Rachel Amber, who vanished some months prior to the game’s events. Players will have various choices to make throughout the adventure as the fate of certain characters hangs in the balance, with your decisions having serious ramifications for the residents of Arcadia Bay. 

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