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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Is “Longer Than Anything We’ve Made So Far” Says RGG Studio Head

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the next upcoming game from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, and according to the studio head Masayoshi Yokoyama, this isn’t the kind of game you’ll want to be playing non-stop.

Of course you’re welcome too, he just doesn’t recommend it, on account of it being what he says is a “monster-class game longer than anything we’ve made so far.”

In a recent interview with Game Watch, translated by Automaton Media, the studio head discussed the length of Infinite Wealth, including the fact that its size could cause some players to stay away, those who do play getting sick of it, or they buy it, and let it sit on their shelf or solid-state drive without having even started.

His only solution to that is to try and get players so jazzed about Infinite Wealth, that when it launches players will be unable to resist making it the main game they’re playing – even if it’s potentially bad for them.

“We have to get people to play the game in about a week or a month, even at the cost of their health,” said Yokoyama.

“Which is why it’s our duty as creators to generate enough to be excited about. I’ve thought this way for the past year or two – for a game like Infinite Wealth, we have to get a festival going on.

It would feel kind of rude to just drop such a long game and be done with it (laughs).”

With the already revealed DonDoko Island looking like a game in itself that you could easily get 100 hours out of, one can only imagine what the rest of the game is like.

It’ll be interesting to see what a total playthrough ends up requiring from players when it releases on January 26, 2024.

Source – [Game Watch via Automaton Media]