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Lost Judgment Localization Director Warns Players Of The Heavy Themes And Traumatic Content


Lost Judgment is the highly anticipated sequel to SEGA’s spin-off from the Yakuza series, Judgment, though fans eagerly waiting to play this September should bear in mind the game’s heavy themes and content revolving various traumas, warns the localization director.

Scott Strichart took to his Twitter account to warn players that although he understand their excitement, being in the wrong headspace for the game and its seemingly dark themes is more trouble than its worth.

You can see the tweet from Strichart for yourself, here:


Strichart’s warning is a good and well-intentioned reminder, because it is always important to take care of yourself and your mental health, and sometimes it is best to avoid something until your ready for it if you know that it could potentially be a triggering experience.

The warning however does beg the question as to how heavy are the themes in Lost Judgment? The first game did deal with dark and heavy material, but from the sounds of it SEGA might have leaned more heavily into that for the sequel. We’ll just have to wait for when it releases.

Source – [Twitter]