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Martha Is Dead Is Being Made Into A Movie

Martha Is Dead, the narrative game that was censored on PlayStation consoles is being made into a movie by Swedish film production company Studios Extraordinaires.

Originally developed by LKA and published by Wired Productions, Martha Is Dead puts you in the shoes of Giulia, a young Italian woman living in Tuscany during World War II.

Her sister Martha has just died, and Giulia finds herself trapped by a mystery surrounding her sister’s death. For Martha Is Dead writer and founder of LKA Luca Dalcò, this adaptation is “a dream come true.”

“Every element of Martha Is Dead was created with extraordinary precision and care. The narrative’s complexity was meticulously planned, visualized, and even shaped with a cinematic quality in mind.'” says Dalcò.

“Bringing this to life as a film is a dream come true.”

André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson of Studios Extraordinaires are both signed on to co-direct the movie. Hedetoft will also be writing the script, while Troedsson will also act as cinematographer.

For their part, Hedetoft and Troedsson sound more than enthused to be working on this adaptation.

Martha Is Dead is a narrative masterpiece, expertly weaving a spellbinding murder mystery from a young woman’s perspective in a way that’s never been done before.

We’re eager to bring this haunting tale to life, offering both fans and newcomers a cinematic tour-de-force, while staying true to the game’s soul-stirring essence.”

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