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Marvel’s Avengers On PS5 Sparks Fresh Criticism Of How The Console Handles Cross-Gen Saves

Sony‘s PS5 has come under fire for its handling of cross-generation saves following the release of the next-generation version of Crystal DynamicsMarvel’s Avengers.

The criticism flared up on social media after the official Twitter account for Avengers revealed how players would able to transfer their save files from PS4 to PS5, which revolves them manually transferring data to the new edition of the superhero title.

First of all, players need to have the PS4 version installed on their console with the latest patch installed, giving them access to a ‘save migration’ tab on the main menu. Next, users must upload their save games to the Marvel’s Avengers server before downloading them when they run the PS5 version.

So yes, this means that if you have already uninstalled the PS4 version of the game ahead of the PS5 release, you’ll have to reinstall it over again — all 50GB+ of it we might add — just so you can port your saves over. Naturally, folk were not impressed by this at all.

By comparison, owners of the Xbox Series X/S version of Marvel’s Avengers have a far easier time thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The game’s performance is quite similar on new systems, although there are some advantages for both versions, as you can see here.

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