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Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.73 Brings Campaign, Art & Gear Fixes

Square Enix has unleashed a superhero-charged batch of Marvel’s Avengers update 1.73 patch notes for you to gawk at, which brings another round of fixes for the game. Read up on the latest Marvel’s Avengers patch notes below.

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  • We’ve removed the Omega-Level Threat: AIM Cloning Lab mission chain from the war table. This mission chain will be available in Update 2.7, coming later this year!


  • Jane Foster’s ‘Iconic’ Outfit has been re-awarded to any players who may have lost it.
  • We fixed clipping issues with Ms. Marvel’s cloak and robes on her ‘Mystic Marvel’ Outfit.
  • Black Widow’s ‘Poised’ Emote now displays properly when wearing her new ‘Hooded’ Outfit.
  • Natasha’s tonfa holders are no longer empty when wearing the ‘Hooded’ Outfit.
  • Hulk’s skin no longer clips through his pants when wearing his Outfit inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok.
  • We removed an instance of spawning VFX playing where they shouldn’t in ‘No Rest for the Wicked.’


  • For Black Widow, we increased the duration of ‘Shadow Ops’ Overcharge from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.


  • The 500 Unit reward is no longer accidentally granted twice during the ‘Hero Bound: Vault Hunting’ mission chain.