Mass Effect Andromeda animation issues addressed by BioWare

mass effect andromeda animations

BioWare has issued an official statement regarding the controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda’s animation issues, which cropped up during initial gameplay impressions via EA Access last week.

However, it wasn’t just the animations that were given a roasting by gamers. Things took a more personal turn when players began targeting one of the members of the development team, Allie Rose-Marie Leost, directly blaming her for the perceived poor animations for Andromeda’s characters. As it turns out, Leost was not behind the animations, prompting BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn to issue the following statement:

Recently, a former EA employee was misidentified as a lead member of the Mass Effect: Andromeda development team. These reports are false,” said Flynn. “We respect the opinions of our players and community, and welcome feedback on our games. But attacking individuals, regardless of their involvement in the project, is never acceptable.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that an employee has been subjected to this kind of online harassment. Jennifer Hepler was targeted following criticism surrounding the writing in Dragon Age 2, which escalated to the point where she was forced out of the company after receiving death threats against her family. 

Right now it’s unknown if BioWare will issue a day-one Mass Effect Andromeda patch to address existing bugs within the game, although we’ll keep you posted. 

Mass Effect Andromeda is due out in the U.S. tomorrow and hits stores in Europe on March 23 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Critics have already cast their verdict on the hotly anticipated sci-fi opus, so be sure to read our reviews roundup and check out our Mass Effect Andromeda review while you’re at it. 

Set 600 years after the events of the original trilogy, Andromeda introduces a brand new set of characters, with players assuming commander of Ryder, a pathfinder tasked with exploring the titular Andromeda galaxy in hopes of finding a new safe haven for humankind. BioWare is leveraging its roots with this latest installment, with exploration brought back as a main focus as gamers hop into the Nomad to scout out uncharted planets and wage war against hostile forces.