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Matchmaking in Anthem is Available for Each and Every Activity

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Finding someone to party up with in Anthem will be a piece of cake from the sounds of it.

During a discussion with fans on Twitter, lead producer Ben Irving explained that matchmaking in Anthem will be available for each and every one of the game’s various activities and events.

Matchmaking in Anthem is Available by Default

This means players shouldn’t have any trouble completing the toughest missions, challenges, and whatever high-level end-game content Anthem has to offer, even if they don’t have a group of friends to buddy up with.

In fact, matchmaking is turned on by default to the process of finding companions as easy as possible. Now, before solo players start to worry, you will be able to opt out of it if you prefer.

It’s just that, in BioWare’s opinion, Anthem is at its most enjoyable when played as part of a group.

A Conspicuous Absence of Loot Boxes

Today’s news comes hot on the heels of another recent Twitter exchange in which Mike Gamble confirmed, once again, that loot boxes will not be part of the Anthem experience. Gaming’s most unpopular business practice would “serve no purpose” in BioWare’s shared-world, sci-fi shooter, according to Gamble.

There will be optional microtransactions on cosmetic items, of course. But anything you can buy can also be obtained through play (with the exception of the bonus content distributed as part of the Legion of Dawn edition of the game) if you don’t fancy dipping into your wallet for a shiny new Javelin suit every now and then.

Anthem releases in just over a month’s time on the 22nd February.

Source: Ben Irving via Twitter

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