Metal Gear Solid Online Beta confirmed

Speaking at the Metal Gear Solid 20th anniversary celebrations earlier today, Konami unveiled new details on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Online, confirming the start of the game’s beta testing, which is due to begin later this summer.

The company revealed that a total of 3,000 participants would be able to take part in the beta, which is scheduled to run from 20th August – 3rd September. The selection process is to begin later today and runs till 6th August, so keep your eyes trained on the official Kojima Productions website for more information.

Metal Gear Solid Online allows for up to 16 players to battle against each other across various environments in the Metal Gear universe, with early impressions unsurprisingly placing a strong emphasis on stealth to outwit your opponents. A new team function named SOKKU has also been confirmed, enabling you to access to various data on your allies, including the ability to look through solid walls.

We’ll have more on the game as it breaks.