Guide Metro Exodus PS4 Suit Upgrades

Metro Exodus Artyom’s Suit Upgrades Locations

During Metro Exodus, you can pick up a number of upgrades for Artyom’s suit, that comes in the form of new gas masks, wrist attachments, and ammo pouches. These upgrades are mostly found in locations off of the main story path.

You can see all of them below, along with their locations on the map and what they do. These upgrades do not carry across multiple playthroughs. You can find our video guide below, with our written guide beneath that.

Metro Exodus Artyom’s Suit Upgrades – The Volga

The Compass

The compass upgrade for Artyom’s suit will show you the direction of your objective at all times when it is equipped. It can be found once completing the church section and meeting up with Duke. Once he pulls you out of the water, head to the crashed aeroplane and make your way inside.

Now walk to the cockpit and you can find the compass on the body. As with all these upgrades, you will need to head to a workbench to equip them.

Battery Charge Controller

This upgrade can be found in the south of the map. It improves the efficiency of your electrical items, making the batteries last longer. Head to the location shown below.

You will want to walk across some thin ice, from the landmass with Krest’s Crane on it, to a piece of land with a house on it.

Turn on the generator in the shed by finding the fuel behind that same shed. Head inside the house.

Turn the dial next to the left door and head through. Go up the ramp and turn to your right to find a hole in the ceiling. Fall through it.

Interact with the yellow switcher in the room.

Then head through the red door and back to the starting room. Now, head through the other door. On your right is a body tied to some electrical wiring. If you flick the switch you will be able to pick up the Battery Charge Controller.

Extended Filter

The extended filter can be found at the entrance of a bandit camp in the centre of Artyom’s map. This upgrade will increase the length that air filters last.

You will find a crate at the entrance to this area. Head inside! On the table at the back is the suit upgrade.

Ammo Reserves

There is another bandit camp just east of that one. The ammo reserves are here and, well, allow you to carry more ammo.

When approaching, head up the stairs and through the opening in the image below.

Head down the stairs and stick to the right side of the room.

About halfway along, on a box, you will find the suit upgrade.

Reinforced Helmet

This upgrade is found in a bandit camp, north-west of the teddy bear location on Artyom’s map. The helmet allows you to take more damage.

There is only one building in the square area that is the bandit camp. The rest of the rubble is just broken buildings and fallen structures. Inside that single building, on a plank of wood is the suit upgrade.

Metal Detector

The metal detector will help you find crafting resources. It can be found just a little bit south-west of the teddy-bear location.

It is inside a hut that is half submerged in mud.

Inside at the end, on the left is the suit upgrade.

Throwing Weapons Harness

The throwing weapons harness is found in a bandit camp right next to the train-car depot objective on Artyom’s map, the harness allows you to carry double the amount of consumable throwing items. It is in a petrol/gas station.

Once there, head inside, through the opening with the gas mask on the wall.

Take a left, break the lock on the door with melee, and head through. On the left will be the suit upgrade.

Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor is found in The Caspian level, it will show enemies in a close vicinity to you, beeping when near them. It is found in the Slave Bandit Camp, in the abandoned boat on the left side of Artyom’s map.

Head into the boat, through the passageway on the right.

Continue, all the way up until you climb the ladder. Kill the five enemies in the area at the top and head up the second ladder at the end.

Head through the doorway ahead and you will find the motion sensor on the table on the right.

Extra Bright Flashlight

This upgrade is found in a safehouse, just below the lighthouse objective on Artyom’s map. As the name suggests, this upgrade will increase the brightness of your flashlight, at the cost of using more power.

Head inside, and you will find the flashlight on a box.

Armored Glass

This upgrade is found in a bandit camp, west of the lighthouse. It will increase the resistance of your mask, making it less likely to crack and break during combat.

Head inside and drop down when you get to the lower area. In the far corner you will see a ladder. Climb up it.

On the blue box, on the right is the upgrade.

Consumables Carrier

The consumables carrier increases the amount of medkits and filters Artyom can hold. It is found just east of the bandit camp shown below and north of the airfield.

Take the path heading downwards along the water.

As you approach, head into the small alcove lit up. On the side will be the suit upgrade.

NVD Amplifier

The NVD Amplifier is the final upgrade and combines your night-vision goggles with a heat vision, allowing you to see enemies easily. It can be found in the airfield, on the east side of Artyom’s map.

Head into the largest building in the centre back. Once you go through the front entrance, take a left up the rubble.

Then make a U-turn and head to the end of the corridor. Take a right and continue up the stairs until you reach the top.

Head through the door to find the collectible in the centre of the room, on a chair.

That covers how to get all of Artyom’s suit upgrades in Metro Exodus. I loved my time with Metro Exodus, stating “Metro Exodus is undoubtedly an amazing experience and an absolute joy to play,” in our review. You can check out our collectibles guide for the game, as well as our guide on how to get both of the game’s endings. If you want to kill the catfish in The Volga level here is how to do it.