Endings Metro Exodus PS4

Metro Exodus Endings – Good and Bad Ending Guide

As with all the Metro games, the game offers two endings. However, how you get them is not always clear. Below we will explain how to get both of the endings for Metro Exodus. There will be no spoilers on the ending; however, some key parts of the game’s chapter’s will be revealed below, in-order to explain what to do.

The ending is based on the Morality System. As you complete certain actions, the game will flash black and white and play one of two music tracks. Certain actions such as saving people will work towards the good ending, playing an uplifting musical tone. Killing prisoners and innocent civilians will contribute towards the bad ending, playing a much more dramatic piece of music. Whichever of these you have done more of throughout the game will give you the relevant ending.

Metro Exodus Good Ending Guide

The good ending is a little trickier to get as you have to do specific things at certain points. Now, I have not found all of the events that contribute towards this ending. However, I will list below the actions I took that gave me the good ending. Spoilers below:

  • The Volga – Stealth the church, not alerting any of the cult members.
  • The Volga – Save the prisoners in the bandit camp in the centre of Artyom’s map.
  • The Caspian – Knock out the thug who ambushes you early on. Do not kill him.
  • The Caspian – Knock out all the thugs in the Slave Camp on the west side of the map.
  • The Caspian – Stealth the lighthouse section (from the cave to the top).
  • The Caspian – In the Oasis, when you go to collect water, only kill the thugs. Do not shoot any of the slaves.
  • The Caspian – Do not kill any slaves when retrieving the oil.
  • The Taiga – Save the Bandit tied to a post, early on in the level.
  • The Taiga – Save the tied up prisoner in the Bandit Camp below the church.
  • The Dead City – Don’t kill a Blind One (Except the one during a quicktime event).

Now, if you kill a lot of prisoners and people as well as doing these things, you might not get the good ending. So try to avoid doing as many morally bad things as possible.

Metro Exodus Bad Ending Guide

The bad ending is fairly easy to get. Simply, kill everyone you see. Any prisoners, cult members, slaves. Kill them all. Now, you can get points towards the bad ending for specific events. A few of those include killing the thug in The Caspian and killing at least on Blind One in The Dead City. However, just killing all the civilians and non-hostile people should do the trick.

That covers how to get both endings in Metro Exodus. I loved my time with Metro Exodus, stating “Metro Exodus is undoubtedly an amazing experience and an absolute joy to play,” in our review. You can check out our collectibles guide for the game, as well as our guide on all of Artyom’s suit upgrades. If you want to kill the catfish in The Volga level here is how to do it.