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Metro Exodus’ PS5 DualSense Features Sound Pretty Immersive And Neat


Metro Exodus‘ PS5 DualSense features have been revealed on the PlayStation Blog.

Each weapon has a unique feel upon discharge, recoil, reload, or jam in the game, with more subtle differences between weapons of the same class. Adding a heavier stock a weapon will increase its rate and then a muzzle will affect how the controller feels when the weapon is fired.

When using the pneumatic weapons, the resistance when you pump the weapons will be felt in the DualSense’s trigger. Resistance when rowing and operating machinery is all translated to the controller.

Releasing tomorrow, this update to Metro Exodus provides a host of upgrades to the game, including enhanced visuals and load times as well as Ray-Tracing. We will be checking this upgrade out so be sure to stay tuned to PSU in the coming days for our review.

Metro Exodus Complete Edition releases for PS5 on June 18, 2021.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]