MGS4 trophy patch 2.0 now live in Japan

Japenese PlayStation 3 owners now have access to the long-awaited trophy patch, numbered 2.0, for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and we have more details on said patch.

If the patch will be the same as theirs, other players around the world can expect a patch around 500 megabytes; the Japanese patch was exactly 498 MB. When MGS4 installed in the old way, the install was around five gigabytes in size. Now, the full install takes up a wopping 9 GBs of your hard drive. The picture taken in the link from Gaming Everything showed the time to be 1:18 over there, so we could be seeing the patch around a similar time this evening. Take a look at the pictured patch details below, taken straight from a user’s PS3:

When midnight hits, or when the trophy patch comes live (whichever happens first), let us know below when you get it and how it feels to finally earn trophies in MGS4.


Via Gaming Everything