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Microsoft Are Reportedly Interested In Acquiring WB Games


Microsoft are reportedly interested in acquiring WB Games after EA, Take-Two, and Activision expressed interest.

In a new report from, the company has apparently “expressed interest in acquiring the games division of Warner Bros.” This report does state that apparently Warner’s Parent company, AT&T, hasn’t decided whether to actually sell the division, but it sees it as an option to pay off some of the $154 billion in debt the company has.

This acquisition would mean that Rocksteady, WB Games Montreal, NetherRealm, Monolith Productions, TT Games, and a number of other support studios would be developing games for Microsoft and IP like Mortal Kombat would go directly to Microsoft as a part of their first party lineup. However, Batman and Harry Potter would likely not be given in this deal, and instead be licensed out.

Of course, with Microsoft expressing interest, this could mean that any Mortal Kombat games in the future are Xbox exclusives and the incredible talent at these studios would no longer release games on PlayStation consoles. This likely wouldn’t affect games already in development, such as the upcoming Batman and Suicide Squad games. But if WB does decide to license these IPs out, it might mean any DC games would be Xbox exclusive from here on out.

Nothing is confirmed as of now, but what are your thoughts on this news and who would you like to see WB Games get acquired by.

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