Mikami: Using PS3 as lead platform was ‘a success’

Platinum Games’ Shinji Mikami has declared that the studios’ decision to lead development of Vanquish on PlayStation 3 has proven a “success.”

The decision to do so came down to the fact the company has had little experience developing for Sony’s flagship console, and as such Mikami felt the team had little choice but to plump for PS3 as the lead platform.

"I think that making the PS3 the lead platform during development was a success for us," said Mikami, during an interview with CVG. "At the start, we didn’t have PS3 production experience, so I think that this was really the only choice we had."

Earlier this year, the Resident Evil creator said of the decision: "The team know less about making games for PS3 than Xbox 360, so we thought the sensible thing to do was to make the game on PS3 first then move it over to Xbox.”

"If we can get Vanquish to a certain standard on PS3, we can make Xbox the same," he added.

Vanquish is due out on PS3 and 360 in winter 2010.