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Minecraft PSVR Support Arrives On PS4 Tomorrow


After announcing Minecraft PSVR support back earlier this month, Mojang Studios has confirmed that it will arrive tomorrow on September 22, 2020.

The virtual reality support will arrive in a free update for all players and allow you to play the entire experience in VR, from exploring the land, killing and mining, and building your own buildings. More details on the update can be found here from the original blog post earlier this month.

Minecraft PSVR Support has been out on other platforms for quite a while, but it is nice to see it make its way to the PS4 after fans have been clamouring for it. This will be one of the first Microsoft games and updates to release on a PlayStation console after Microsoft acquired Bethesda Softworks earlier today, throwing the PlayStation releases of its future games into question.

Minecraft PSVR Support releases in a free update for all players on September 22, 2020.