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Minecraft Update 2.38 Unleashes Over 100 Fixes

Mojang has unwrapped the Minecraft update 2.38 patch notes for your consumption, which comes packing over 100 fixes for the perennially popular title. The update follows yesterday’s Minecraft Dungeons patch, which you can read more about here.

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Read up on the full Minecraft 2.38 patch notes below.


  • World settings can now be changed directly on Realms, just like local worlds
  • If you’re playing in South Korea, we added gameplay timers and notices in compliance with gaming laws to help remind players to take occasional breaks from gameplay


  • Added the Globe Banner Pattern on Bedrock
  • Raid boss bar says now displays “Raid – Victory” and Fireworks are launched from the ground after a raid is defeated (MCPE-51267)
  • Villagers now make a “No” sound when attempting to make a trade that they are out of stock
  • Players no longer gain a particle effect when obtaining Bad Omen from Pillager Captains
  • Iron Golems now show different degrees of cracking depending on their health. Iron Ingots can be used on damaged Iron Golems to repair them (MCPE-74081)
  • Removed the emerald icon above a Villager’s head when trading
  • Iron Golems now only attack players that have very bad standing in a village after attacking a Villager
  • Glow Lichen now has similar brightness as Java Edition
  • Foxes now aim downwards when they pounce (MCPE-143664)
  • Updated trade tables for Butchers, Cartographers, Librarians, and Wandering Traders
  • Biome decoration features in cave biomes now have similar frequency as Java Edition
  • Adjusted the “otherside” music disc to give off a redstone signal of 14 to match Java Edition (MCPE-145751)
  • Adjusted the “Pigstep” music disc to give off a redstone signal of 13 to match Java Edition (MCPE-74030)
  • Updated textures for multiple blocks and items to remove bugs and achieve parity between Bedrock and Java Edition (MCPE-127539)

Lodestone Compass

Oak Door, Dark Oak Door, Birch Door, Spruce Door, Acacia Door, and Jungle Door

Oak Sign, Dark Oak Sign, Birch Sign, Spruce Sign, Acacia Sign, Jungle Sign, Warped Sign, and Crimson Sign

Campfire and Soul Campfire

Item Frame and Glow Item Frame

Glow Berry Vines

Comparator (On)


Additional texture updates

Updated Glass Pane top to match the new texture on Java Edition (MCPE-148572)

Fixed the top texture of Dark Oak Logs (MCPE-148577)

Updated Stripped Dark Oak side texture to match the new texture on Java Edition (MCPE-148576)

Updated Dirt Path side texture (MCPE-148568)

Changed ‘door_oak’ texture filename back to ‘door_wood’ (MCPE-148502)

Reversed Parrot head and wing bottom textures (MCPE-148573)

Moved Beetroot and Melon Seed textures 1 pixel row down to match Java Edition (MCPE-148561)

Removed unused pixels in Cocoa Beans stage 0 and stage 1 textures to match Java Edition

Updated Smooth Stone texture in Armor Stand base (MCPE-148565)

Removed horizontal lines in Oak and Iron upper Door textures (MCPE-148566)

Removed hood in Witch, Evoker, and Vindicator textures to match Java Edition

Changed alpha values of Red and Blue Stained Glass textures to match Java Edition (Vanilla Parity)

Fixed the hammer icon’s color palette on the Anvil screen (MCPE-148575)

Updated Dark Oak Planks on the Cartography table textures (MCPE-148562)

Updated Spruce Planks on the Barrel bottom texture

Updated Planks on the Lectern base texture (MCPE-148567)

Fixed highlight inconsistencies in Gold and Diamond Armor textures (MCPE-148591)

Removed wandering pixel in the Carrot stage 3 texture (MCPE-148563)

Centered the back texture of Axolotls (MCPE-148571)

Boat oars now have the same color as the Boat (MCPE-150492)

Experimental Features:

Reminder: Remember to make regular backup copies of your favorite worlds before enabling experimental features!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures.

More experimental features will become available in future releases. This is only the beginning of new content for The Wild Update!

Frogs and Tadpoles

Frogs will spawn in Swamp biomes

Frogs can croak, jump, swim, and walk on land

Frogs can eat small Slimes, causing a Slime Ball to drop

Frogs can be tempted and bred using Seagrass, but this is just a placeholder food for now

Frogs lay eggs after mating

Frog eggs that hatch spawn Tadpoles

Tadpoles that grow up will turn into a Frog

Tadpoles can swim in water

Tadpoles “jump around” like fishes when on land, and eventually die

Tadpoles grow into a different type of Frog based on the biome they are born in

Tadpoles can be caught in a Bucket


Three new Froglight blocks have been added (Pearlescent, Verdant, and Ochre)

The Froglight blocks emit light

The blocks are obtained by luring a Frog close to a small Magma Cube. The Frog will eat the Magma Cube and a Froglight block will drop. Each Frog variant will cause a different Froglight block to drop


Sculk block features are now accessible by enabling this toggle


Performance / Stability

Fixed an issue that could cause entities in a chunk to not save when exiting a world (MCPE-144208)

The game now loads certain seeds and worlds around Mesa biomes without crashing (MCPE-149659)

Fixed a crash that could occur when trading Maps with Cartographer Villagers (MCPE-142388)

Fixed a crash that could occur when shift-clicking Armor in the Crafting Table while using Pocket UI (MCPE-144863)

Fixed issue where breaking blocks, opening chests, and entering portals would be delayed/not work when there are lots of mobs nearby (MCPE-149214)

Optimized the placement of geode features in the world

Reduced the amount of network packets sent with the subchunk request system and packet optimizations


Boats no longer disappear when getting out of them after a long ride (MCPE-108568)

Players can now use emotes while standing on Scaffolding (MCPE-147624)

Capped the freezing range of the Frost Walker enchantment to 8 blocks to avoid server unresponsiveness

The ‘Iron Belly’ achievement can once again be unlocked (MCPE-146036)

Players can no longer be hurt by their own armor enchantments such as Thorns

Fixed a camera issue when entering a Bed while still in glide mode (MCPE-117339)

Pillager Outposts now spawn the correct number of Pillagers and Iron Golems (MCPE-141499)

World Generation

Large Dripstone feature does not generate floating on top of lava anymore (MCPE-141131)

Pointed Dripstone clusters no longer have a chance of spawning only stalagmites of height one (MCPE-148588)

Pointed Dripstone now sometimes generate on large stalactites and stalagmites (MCPE-128128)

Lava pools now only generate in positive Y coordinates (MCPE-146459)

Lava pools that generate close to Y=0 will have Deepslate and Stone blocks casing

Coral now generates in the deeper depths of Warm Oceans (MCPE-147399)

The Grove biome now has more variety of Spruce Trees (MCPE-148361)

Fixed Mesa and Frozen Ocean biomes having inconsistent generation on Realms

The Bedrock layer in old world chunks is now replaced with Deepslate between y=0 and y=8 (MCPE-147373)

Copper Ore can now generate in Deepslate variant in Dripstone Caves (MCPE-144800)

Ruined Portals under Ocean and Swamp biomes are no longer waterlogged and will spawn dry

Chests and Monster Spawners once again generate correctly in structures (MCPE-23416, MCPE-48622, MCPE-97295)

The bottoms of hoodoos in Eroded Badlands biomes no longer make flat ceilings in caves underneath (MCPE-146984)

Lily Pads no longer generate in aquifers under Swamp biomes (MCPE-125913)

Fossils can now be generate below Y=0, with Deepslate Diamond Ore Blocks instead of Coal Ore Blocks (MCPE-144065)

Fossils will no longer generate floating in caves or water

Mineshafts now always generate above the Bedrock layer (MCPE-147575)

Iceberg features no longer replace Snow Blocks of Igloo structures (MCPE-147690)

Water in open air mountain caves no longer generates unevenly (MCPE-149417)

Aquifers no longer generate with missing water blocks (MCPE-146452)


Villagers, Rabbits, and Foxes spawned in the Frozen and Jagged Peaks biomes now spawn as their respective snowy variants (MCPE-119561)

Goats now spawn in the Jagged Peaks and Frozen Peaks biomes (MCPE-146886)

Axolotl walk animations are now affected by speed (MCPE-131322)

Slimes are once again aggressive towards Snow Golems (MCPE-146651)

Fixed a bug where the Ender Dragon would become invisible when flying towards the portal fountain after dying (MCPE-149119)

When using the Education Edition toggle, Axolotls, Bees, Boats, Cats, Dolphins, Glow Squids, Goats, Hoglins, Iron Golems, Ocelots, Pandas, Parrots, Pigs, Polar Bears, Squids, Striders, Wolves, and Zoglins can now have Balloons attached to them. Wow, that’s a lot of mobs!

Skeleton Horsemen now pathfind correctly (MCPE-147521)

Farmer Villagers no longer pick up more than 8 stacks of items (MCPE-123412)

Untamed Cats can now be leashed

Guardians and Elder Guardians no longer sink while targeting an enemy or the player


Fire can no longer be placed on top of Lightning Rods

The width of Walls connecting to Candles is now correct (MCPE-141156)

Improved the animation of falling block entities (e.g. Sand and Gravel) (MCPE-142010)

Amethyst Clusters are now properly destroyed when the supporting block is destroyed (MCPE-126076)

Copper Blocks and variants now oxidize in the Nether (MCPE-134954)

Big Dripleaf placement has been restricted to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol, and Mycelium (MCPE-123392)

Water blocks near edges should now flow properly

Fixed Monster Spawners that sometimes stopped spawning mobs when the chunks they were placed in were reloaded (MCPE-142285)

Fixed End Crystal beams not rendering when an End Crystal was out of the players sight (MCPE-149159)

Fixed Structure Blocks infinitely spawning the same entities when loading a structure (MCPE-137617)

Structure Block structures now correctly transform (rotate and/or mirror) multiface blocks, like Glow Lichen

Big Dripleaf, Amethyst Buds, and Amethyst Clusters no longer break in Structure Blocks

Pointed Dripstone can now only be placed on full faces of blocks

Glow Lichen is now oriented the correct way when placed

Magma Blocks no longer deal damage when the Fire Damage game rule is disabled (MCPE-99718)

Flower blocks are now properly destroyed by explosions when inside snow layers (MCPE-146492)

Portal blocks are no longer obtainable in Survival mode (MCPE-138819)

Primed TNT will no longer explode when spawned using ‘/summon’ and the TNT Explodes game rule is disabled (MCPE-49044)

Cocoa Pods placed on chunk borders no longer break upon reloading a world (MCPE-67479)

Fixed Observer Block retaining its lit state while in the inventory if destroyed while blinking (MCPE-114173)

Fixed an issue where Paintings could overlap with Glow Item Frames, Signs, Banners, and Torches

Light Block light intensity can now be incremented periodically while holding right-click/interact (MCPE-137647)

Light Block light intensity can now be changed on touch-input devices

Light Blocks can now be placed on other Light Blocks while sneaking (MCPE-137744)

Fixed Light Block’s brightness not being adjustable when playing in VR

Fixed Light Block not being continuously placed while holding the ‘Place’ button (MCPE-135669)

Light Blocks can now be waterlogged (MCPE-148391)


Furnaces now consistently output the expected number of items after completing a smelt (MCPE-126004)

Stored experience in a Furnace can no longer be duplicated (MCPE-71777)

The Bow’s shaking animation now only appears when the Bow is fully drawn

Food once again applies status effects when eaten

Offset the position of Maps held in hand relative to the screen’s aspect ratio so they always stay close to the screen’s edge and remain fully visible

Item data no longer gets corrupted when items are placed in mobs’ hands (MCPE-145034)

Fixed first person off-hand Shield blocking animation (MCPE-125340)


Fixed an issue with Screen Reader on the “Save purchase to a Microsoft Account” screen

Screen Reader now correctly reads the names of experimental toggles

User Interface

Added appropriate padding to the “Item Text Name” box on the user interface for when players have Armor equipped in Survival mode and select items via the hotbar (MCPE-143928)

Fixed an issue where text shadows had a reduced offset when text message contains button glyph

Fixed an issue with getting a faulty purchase page for Realms when the maximum number of Realms are already owned on the current platform

Fixed the Achievements button not being accessible when scrolling up on the Pause Screen

Fixed the food cooldown visual not being semi-transparent on the HUD (MCPE-55206)

The “Invite to game” and player role buttons on the Pause Screen now have a white border when focused with custom resolution

The “Invite to Game” button on the pause screen now disables correctly when a server is full

Fixed tab order on the Settings menu when navigating with gamepad bumpers

Fixed the height of the scrolling content panel on the Marketplace sidebar navigation to display the scrolling bar for varying device resolutions

Fixed a redundant ” – ” beside player usernames after adding them to the friends list (MCPE-105464)

Fixed item tooltip freezing in place on the Creative menu when switching between gaze selection and controller selection on PS VR

Fixed player camera perspective not being respected when changing from Immersive Mode to Living Room Mode in PS VR

Boss bar info no longer disappears after changing VR display mode on PS VR

Fixed coin purchases not updating displayed coin amount until after relaunching the game

Removed double space spelling issues on several screens, including the Feedback prompt (MCPE-104037)

Fixed the player visual on the inventory screen while gliding. It was previously off-center and could hide elements of the interface

Fixed issue where up and down arrow buttons in the Resource Pack Settings screen became bigger when highlighted (MCPE-147708)

Fixed Realms buttons disappearing after the Minecraft window lost and regained focus on the Create World on Realm screen

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

Updated Add-On templates for 1.18.10 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks

Performance / Stability Fixes

Fixed a crash that could occur when setting the width or height of a mob’s hitbox to a negative value

Fixed an issue where ticking areas would occasionally skip a tick

Fixed a bug that caused performance drops when using the ‘/tag’ command (MCPE-139609)

The Content Log History panel is now accessible from the second player in split-screen without crashing the game

Fixed a crash that could occur when an animation controller referenced itself as one of its “animations”

The game no longer crashes when nesting schedule commands in functions (MCPE-144730)

Added log messages to help identify the cause of the BDS crash (BDS-12751)

Improved performance of RandomStrollGoal

Reduced memory and load times for ticking areas


Android’s target API has been updated to API 30 for Google Play Store

Reapplied changes to use “allowlist” instead of “whitelist” (BDS-14119)


Added ‘/loot’ command – Drops the given loot table into the world

Added a new ‘/damage’ command to allow players to deal damage to entities

Placing Cocoa Beans with ‘/setblock’ or ‘/fill’ commands no longer results in an error

The ‘/spreadplayers’ command no longer hangs when given a high spread range (MCPE-137793)

Order of function calls triggered by ‘/execute’ inside a function are now consistent (MCPE-111849)

The ‘/effect’ command no longer has the redundant argument ’empty’ (MCPE-62903)

Fixed a bug that caused the ‘/kill’ command to not kill entities with the Absorption effect (MCPE-142763)

Data-Driven Blocks

Added support for blocks having the same name, as long as they belong to different namespaces

Updated documentation for several components:







Changed BlockLightDescription JSON name from “minecraft:block_light_absorption” to “Minecraft:block_light_filter” and field name from “block_light_absorption” to “block_light_filter”

Data-Driven Entities

The random chance for a wild adult Ocelot to spawn with two children is now handled by components added in the entity JSON definition

Fixed many missing “Description” entries in the documentation

Added AI Goals documentation for “behavior.move_to_liquid” and “behavior.move_to_block”

Added AI Goals documentation for missing parameters of “behavior.tempt”, “behavior.rise_to_liquid_level”, and “behavior.random_fly”

Added Components documentation for missing parameters of “movement.sway”

Fixed some typos and inconsistencies in the Entities documentation

Data-Driven Items

Added nine new shapeless recipe JSON files, replacing hard-coded Smithing Table crafting recipes

Updated documentation for BlockCollisionComponentDescription

Changed BlockCollisionComponentDescription JSON name from “entity_collision” to “block_collision”

Updated documentation for FuelItemComponent

Renamed DamageableItemComponent to DurabilityItemComponent

Updated documentation for BlockRaycastComponent

Updated documentation for FoodItemComponent

Changed SaturationModifier in FoodItemComponent to take a float instead of a string

Fixed custom food behaviours not being replicated to guest clients


The “controlling_seat” field on “minecraft:rideable” now works as intended for both Boats and Horses

Mobs riding other mobs and pathing towards a target will no longer wiggle back and forth along their path

Match tool conditions now work on mobs (Experimental)

JumpToBlockGoal can no longer be used when the mob is in water

JumpToBlockGoal now correctly searches the same distance upwards and downwards when looking for jumpblockcandidates, allowing a mobs that use the goal to jump equally high as low

Fixed an issue where animation controller events defined in the default state would get skipped if the controller immediately transitioned to another state (This is a versioned change that will only be applied for animation controllers starting at format_version 1.18.10)


Fixed an issue where animation events, sound effect events, and particle events would not trigger if the event time specified was equal to the total “animation_length”

Fixed an issue where event times were not considered within the animation length calculation that happens when “animation_length” is not explicitly specified


Fixed arrow operator to return 0 if the left side is not a valid entity or item, rather than causing the entire expression to return 0

For example, if bis not valid variable.a = variable.b->variable.c will now assign 0 to variable.a

This is not a Molang Versioned Changebecause no known content is currently using the arrow operator

Add non-experimental is_name_any, is_item_name_any, and is_owner_identifier_any queries

Fixed relative_block_has_all_tags block_neighbor_has_all_tags and biome_has_all_tags queries to require all tags rather than just any tags

Fixed nested conditional (ternary) operator parsing to go right-to-left instead of left-to-right

This is a Molang Versioned Change that only takes effect for Molang expressions in packs that use a min_engine_version of 1.18.10 or higher

Previously nested conditional expressions like ‘A?B:C?D:E’would evaluate as ‘ (A?B:C)?D:E’, now they evaluate as ‘A?B:(C?D:E’

Access of missing public variables on other entities will return 0.0 and not cause an error

Fix loading of public variables containing capital letters to not cause an error

Added “slot.equippable” added as a slot option for WearableItemComponent and Molang

Added alland query.any to check if a value matches all or any of the following values

Added in_rangeto check if a value is in the (inclusive) range between a min and max value

Block Components (Experimental)

Fixed BlockPartVisibilityComponent for multiplayer by adding network save/load tags (MCPE-141908)

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

There are some important breaking changes in APIs creators should be aware of:

Renamed mojang-minecraft:Worldobject to mojang-minecraft:world

In practice, this means “World.getDimension” code should now read “world.getDimension”

Removed mojang-minecraft:Commands- Instead, we are adding runCommand methods on dimension, entity, and player

In practice, this means that “Commands.run(“say Hello World”, dimension)” should now read “dimension.runCommand(“say Hello World”)”

Other major API adds and updates:

mojang-minecraft module


Replaced function getPlayers() : Player[] with function getPlayers(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator- Returns an iterator to a collection containing all players in the dimension. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result


Added blockBreak and blockPlace events, which are called when a player breaks or places a block in the world

Added optional argument to events.addEffect. This argument will limit the callback to only fire for specific entities (see EntityEventOptions)

Item use events:

Added event events.beforeItemUse – Fires before an item is used. Can be canceled

Added event events.itemUse – Fires when an item is used and the before event is not cancelled

Added event events.beforeItemUseOn – Fires before an item is used on a block. Can be cancelled

Added event events.itemUseOn – Fires when an item is used on a block and the before event is not cancelled

Note that the following definition events only function with data driven items created as part of the Holiday Creator Features experiment:

Added event events.beforeItemDefinitionEvent – Fires before an Item definition event is processed. Can be canceled

Added event events.itemDefinitionEvent – Fires when the Item definition event is processed and the before event is not canceled

Added method triggerEvent(eventName : String) – Triggers an event on the ItemStack if an event with the given eventName, as defined in the Items JSON file


Added property brokenBlockPermutationto indicate which kind of block was broken

Entity (note that derived types Player and mojang-gametest:SimulatedPlayer also added these APIs as well)

Added runCommandmethod to run a command as an entity

Added dimensionproperty to get the dimension the entity is in

Added function addTag(tag: string): bool- Adds a tag to this entity. Returns true if the tag does not already exist

Added function hasTag(tag: string): bool- Returns true if the tag exists on this entity

Added function removeTag(tag: string): bool- Removes a tag from this entity. Returns true if the tag was removed

Added function getTags(): string[] – Returns all tags on this entity

Added target property to Entity. targetrepresents the Entity that this Entity is currently targeting, for purposes such as AI targeting

Added function getEntitiesFromViewVector(options: EntityRaycastOptions): Entity[] – Gets all entities that intersects the ray from the entities view vector

Added function getBlockFromViewVector(options: BlockRaycastOptions): Block – Gets the first block that intersects the ray from the entities view vector

Added function setVelocity(velocity: Vector): bool- Sets the velocity of this entity

Added property viewVector: Vector- Represents the direction that the entity is looking, as a vector

Added property headLocation: Location- Represents the location of the head of the entity

Added property bodyRotation: number- Represents the body rotation of the entity as a float (in degrees)

Added function teleport(location: Location, dimension: Dimension, xRotation (optional): float, yRotation (optional): float)

Added function teleportFacing(location: Location, dimension: Dimension, facingLocation: Location)


Added method startItemCooldown(itemCategory : string, durationTicks : int) – Starts or resets a cooldown on an item category (e.g., ender_pearl) for the given duration in ticks

Added method getItemCooldown(itemCategory : string) – Returns the remaining duration in ticks that this player has of the given item category. If no cooldown is present, returns 0


Added ItemCooldownComponent (item.getComponent(“minecraft:cooldown”))

Read-only property cooldownCategory : string – Represents the cooldown category of this item.

Read-only property cooldownTicks : int – Represents the cooldown time in ticks for this item if cooldown is enabled

method startCooldown(player : Player) – Starts or resets a cooldown for this item on the given player if cooldown is enabled for this item


Removed getName method and added read-only property .id


Added runCommandmethod to run a command in a dimension

Added function getEntitiesFromRay(pos: Location, direction: Location, options: EntityRaycastOptions): Entity[]- Gets all entities that intersects the ray starting at a location which extends in direction

Added function getBlockFromRay(pos: Location, direction: Location, options: BlockRaycastOptions) : Block – Gets the first block that intersects the ray starting at a location which extends in direction

Added function getPlayers(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator- Returns an iterator to a collection containing all players. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result

Added function getEntities(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator- Returns an iterator to a collection containing all entities in the dimension. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result

Updated spawnEntityto take a Location or a BlockLocation


Added class EntityQueryOptions- Provides additional filtering options when calling getEntities and getPlayers


Added class EntityQueryScoreOptions- Used with EntityQueryOptions to provide scoreboard filtering


Used to filter events that fire on entities to restrict the callback to only certain ones.

Property entity: Entity[] – If specified, will restrict to just this entity

Property entityTypes: string[] – If specified, will restrict to entities with the specified type (e.g., minecraft:creeper)


Renamed destroyedBlock to block

mojang-gametest module

Added registerAsync method to register and properly track the state of GameTests using async functions


Added getDimensionto get the dimension in which the test is being ran

Added gameMode: GameModeparameter to spawnSimulatedPlayer method


Added function giveItem(itemStack: ItemStack, selectSlot: boolean)

Added function setItem(itemStack:ItemStack, slot: number, selectSlot: boolean)

Renamed destroyBlockto breakBlock

Renamed stopDestroyingBlockto stopBreakingBlock

Removed selectSlot method

Added property selectedSlot: int – Gets or sets the currently selected hotbar slot for the player