Mirror’s Edge re-created in stunning real-life parkour video

DICE’s cult classic Mirror’s Edge has been given the real-life parkour treatment by Ampisound, a free-running troupe and self-confessed fans of the 2008’s action-platform title.

Seen below, the jaw-dropping footage depicts Neil Cointe, a parkour athlete, kitted out in Faith’s clobber and free-running his way across Cambridge’s rooftops. He’s even positioned the camera so it gives you the exact viewpoint seen in Mirror’s Edge when controlling Faith.


Said Ampisound: “We’re massive fans of Mirror’s Edge, and are always getting comments and comments saying ‘Wow this is like real life Mirrors Edge’. Well EA/DICE recently announced Mirrors Edge 2, and out of excitement we decided to put together this POV video! If it does well, we’ve got some plans for a second one.”

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