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Monster Hunter Rise On PS5 Performs Better Than The Xbox Series X Version At 120Hz

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise is out now for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and according to a detailed analysis of the new-generation versions of the game, Sony’s PS5 has a slight advantage when running at 120Hz.

The game’s frame-rate mode has the ability to run the game at 120 FPS, and the Digital Foundry report notes that those of you with a VRR display can switch on various features at the cost of a slight hit to performance.

However, the most interesting thing to note from the report is that “PlayStation 5 has a small but measurable frame-rate advantage over Xbox Series X at 120Hz but ultimately, 4K60 on the default mode is winner for both premium machines.”

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As previously reported, Monster Hunter Rise on PS5 is also able to render at resolutions higher than 4K. You can read our full review of Monster Hunter Rise here.

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