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Monster Hunter World: How To Find First Wyverian and Silver Wyverian Print

monster hunter world wyverian print

With so many collectibles to find and creatures to kill, at some point you need a little help. So, we're going to tell you the easy way to find the Monster Hunter World Silver Wyverian Print.

As long as you're playing through the story mode (after you've finished in the Rotten Vale), you'll come across the task to find your first Wyverian and gather the Silver Wyverian Print in the Ancient Forest.

Follow this Monster Hunter World guide and we'll take you through the process step-by-step.

Monster Hunter World: Find The First Wyverian In Ancient Forest

  1. Once you've picked up the quest in Astera, start off on an expedition into the Ancient Forest
  2. Load into the map at the Ancient Forest Camp in section 17.
  3. Head to Area 16, which is where you'll find the first Wyverian.
  4. Explore the area until you unlock a cut-scene.
  5. You'll now unlock two quests to kill a Rathalos and a Diablos.
  6. Kill both to complete the quest.

How To Find The Monster Hunter World Silver Wyverian Print

You can obtain the Silver Wyverian print from the following Bounties:

  • Ecology Survey: Hunt Flying Wyvern
  • Limited Bounty: Complete all bounties

When you get the Silver Wyverian print, you can exchange it for rare materials at the Melding Pot back at Astera – Monster Prints to bulk up your armor!

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