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Monster Hunter World Sales Are Off To A Monstrous Start

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Monster Hunter World continues to have a great start to life, easily one of Capcom’s best in a good while in fact.

The game currently sits on 91 on metacritic after 50 plus reviews, and it topped the UK charts two weeks running. It dominates on all formats it appears on in fact. PSU even adorned it with a 9/10.

Monster Hunter World had already shipped 5 million units worldwide. A remarkable amount for the series and for Capcom.

Capcom has now reported that units shipped have just passed the 6 million mark. Remarkably, this makes it the fastest selling Capcom game to date.

Monster Hunter World Sales Put It Right On Course

This of course means Monster Hunter World is now the best-selling entry in the entire series. It only launched a couple of weeks ago.

The Monster Hunter series stood at a cumulative 45 million units sold just two weeks ago. There seems to be little doubt that Monster Hunter: World, the series long-awaited return to home consoles, has been pushing that total up significantly.

Capcom released the following statement to celebrate these milestone moments.

9 Things to know before you start Monster Hunter: World

Capcom recently added a commitment to a tournament in Japan. A Hollywood adaption is in production. You can read the full statement here.

It’s fair to say Capcom are having a good time of it right now. The re-release of Okami garnered fresh praise for that game. And Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition scored well, as it finally made Street Fighter V a complete package.

The Japanese publisher/developer isn’t done in 2018 either. Mega Man returns for a new instalment. Street Fighter gets a 30th anniversary collection. And Resident Evil will no doubt be represented in some fashion before the year is out.

Kind of makes you wonder why games bother fighting for attention in the September-November melee. January is clearly wide open for a well-made game to prosper away from the hustle and bustle of year end.

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