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Mortal Shell Looks Set To Get A PS5 Release As New Trophy List Goes Live


A brand new trophy list for Mortal Shell has gone live, specifically for a PS5 version of the game, suggesting one is set to arrive in the coming months as it doesn’t exist yet.

Revealed by a new list that has just gone live on Exophase, it looks to be the same. Obviously, as all PS5 games have separate trophy lists to their PS4 counterparts, this means that a new, upgraded version of the souls-like is on the way.

As for what these upgrades are, we don’t know just yet. However, we can speculate that we will see faster loading times, DualSense support, use of PS5’s Activity Cards, and 4K 60 FPS gameplay. We might even get ray-tracing as well.

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We reviewed Mortal Shell when it released last year and came away mixed on the title. You can read our review here.

Mortal Shell is available now for PS4 and looks to be coming to PS5.

Source – [Exophase]