My SingStar Online will launch later this year

Paulina Bozek, Producer of SingStar, has addressed the much-anticipated My SingStar Online, assuring fans that the integration of the game’s online community service is high on their list of priorities.

This feature will allow people who don’t own the game to view any videos uploaded by the community (think MySpace meets YouTube). When the full web integration happens later this year, SingStar owners will be given the choice to upload their videos only to the closed SingStar network or the Internet. Because privacy is such a big concern people see the closed SingStar network as a safe place to put videos.

The SingStar team also expressed "no interest" in exclusive content for any particular regions. Tracks will be made available worldwide as much as possible. The only thing that would prevent this is for licensing issues or censorship to get in the way.

The team is hoping to outdo the current king of DLC tracks, Rock Band, by providing SingStar owners with at least 50 songs per month in Europe and America, with a SingStore update occurring every two weeks.