NCsoft says PC gamers will transition to PS3

NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath has stated that the company anticipates PC owners to make the transition to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console in the long term.

"I think there is a difference between PC and console players but there’s overlap as well," said Heath, in an interview with "Our view long term is that people who have traditionally only played on PC will actually now start transitioning to PS3. Once they figure out what PS3 does, I think that take-up will get greater and greater."

Heath’s comments come following the company’s announcement that has begun developing titles for Sony’s next-generation console. While refusing to go into detail, he did state that the first batch of games would consist of three or four games.

"Our biggest problem, which is a nice one, is that we’ve got loads of games – I think we’ve got something like nine MMOs in development and about 20 free MMOs, the ones you don’t pay subscriptions for – so we’ve got tons of products in development. We can’t realistically do all of them for PS3, plus the fact that we’ve got existing IP," he added.

"So, really our nice problem is to distill down to probably three or four titles, initially, that would do for PS3. We’re working with Sony on which ones they are."

Concluding, Heath expressed interest in PlayStation Portable, stating, "some of our products would be great for PSP".

Stay tuned for more information on NCsoft’s plans for PS3 and PSP as they break.

Source: Eurogamer