Need for Speed: The Run streamlines online racing

Like past installments, Need for Speed: The Run includes many competitive features such as online racing, the Autolog system, and multiple modes to play. However, it has added one new aspect to the system that EA Black Box is hoping will prove a compelling feature coming into the holiday season. Does The Run have what it takes to go across America like its single-player experience does?

The Run comes fully set to engross players in a racing multiplayer with the return of the Autolog system along with a variety of multiplayer modes, such as Supercar Challenge, NFS Edition Racing, The Underground, Mixed Competition, Exotic Sprint, and Muscle Car Battles. Most of these modes pertain to different car varieties for each race, but the Supercar Challenge is meant entirely for the fastest cars on the fastest tracks. The races are fast, intense, generally linear, and require perfect driving to win.

Though the modes are a bit car-based, having all of these options added into the already established Autolog system, which pits race numbers against online friends through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, gives enough variety to appease anyone with a lead foot. On top of that, even, the process of entering races has been streamlined in The Run. Instead of waiting for races to finish in order to join, players can enter freely in the middle of races and start earning XP toward their online ranking without having to wait longer than a loading time. This may sound both unorthodox and uneven, but the XP system is based mostly on achievements done in the race rather than overall place; placements do have point differences, but the differences aren’t massive. 

The multiplayer experience in Need for Speed: The Run has created an almost full arcade online experience to play against others on the fly without down time. The reinstatement of the Autolog system on top of a streamlined online racing experience is showing that The Run is ready to be the biggest installment yet in the Need for Speed series. It doesn’t have much competition right now in terms of similar racing games, but it is still striving for change and betterment and is ready for you to go across America with it. Need for Speed; The Run launches on November 15 with all of these new ways to race. Will you gear up for it?