Neverwinter Patch Notes

Neverwinter Servers Down For Maintenance – Patch Notes Available

neverwinter servers

The Neverwinter servers are down today on August 16. Extended maintenance is being carried out across all platforms and will continue until 1pm PT.

This means that Neverwinter servers are offline for approximately eight hours to prepare for the latest patch.The patch makes some additions to items and economy, alongside some general tweaks.

Neverwinter Patch Notes

Items and Economy


  • Stronghold: The Decoration Warehouse now has room for some paintings that previously weren’t on its manifest.

User Interface


  • In the Ravenloft campaign, the task backgrounds now properly show a disabled state.


  • When messages pop up after converting an item to RP, they no longer refer to the previous refinement action’s RP value.

Zen Market

  • Players can once again choose a specific coupon if they have more than one that applies to a purchase.

Art, Animation, and VFX


  • Control Wizard: Icy Terrain: This effect should now play more nicely with other effects, such as dangerous effect indicators.



  • For consistency purposes, the Italian translations of “Greater” and “Superior” have been harmonized in the context of Enchanting Stones and Marks of Potency/Power.

    • Greater Marks of Potency (rank 4) are now called Marchio della potenza maggiore

    • Superior Marks of Potency (rank (5) are now called Marchio della potenza superiore

    • Greater Marks of Power are now called Marchio del potere maggiore

    • Greater Enchanting Stones are now called Pietra dell’incantamento maggiore

    • Superior Enchanting Stones are now called Pietra dell’incantamento superiore

Later this month, players can also look forward to the launch of Neverwinter: Ravenloft on PS4 and Xbox One. Launching on August 28, players will enter the new gothic setting of Barovia.

As well as a new campaign, night and day transitions and a cool new adventure zone that features Tarokka Card Readings and more, they’ll also be new Monster Hunters and Heroic Encounters.

Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG that’s available to download from the PlayStation Store.