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Neverwinter Update 12.12 Patch Notes Reveal Changes For Cliffs Of The Starless Sky, UI, Combat & More

Cryptic Studios has polished off the Neverwinter update 12.12 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, bringing players a series of new changes for the likes of Cliffs of the Starless Sky, user interface, combat, and more. Check out the Neverwinter patch notes below.

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Content and Environment


  • Some floating windows on buildings in Menzoberranzan have been adhered properly to the structure.

Cliffs of the Starless Sky

  • A bug that prevented Jarlaxle from returning to players if they resurrect during combat has been fixed.
  • Players now spawn at the correct campfire during the encounter with Narvrak Stormhoof.
  • An issue that prevented an Arcane Skill Node from being interacted with has been fixed.

Gzemnid’s Reliquary

  • A small delay has been added to the Artifacts spawning during the final phases of Gzmenid along with a better indicator of when they appear.
  • Gzemnid no longer drops an unbound weapon that does not prompt for Need/Greed/Pass when defeated in Gzemnid’s Reliquary (Master).
  • Some visual “noise” caused by Gzemnid’s Disintegrating Ray and Withering Ray has been reduced.
  • The Atropal’s Push/Pull effect is now properly synced with its animation effect.
  • Storvald will no longer sometimes forget to use Duumvirate.


  • The Driders that appear in the Heroic Encounter, ‘Incursion’ can no longer be pushed out of the gameplay area.
  • Drow NPCs healing in the Incursion Heroic Encounter has been fixed.
  • Ceremorphosis Heroic Encounter warping players has been fixed and the magic dome around the Neothelid will now appear each time it begins.
  • The Drider House Captains in Menzoberranzan have received a balance pass including:
    • Damage and duration reduction for Hazardous Webbing.
    • Minor damage reduction for Magical Barrage.
    • Minor damage reduction overall.
    • Minor health reduction.
    • Bug fix where line of sight would prevent Magical Barrage from hitting.
    • AI adjustments to power selection.
    • Dev Note: While we were happy to see that these powerful enemies were a real threat requiring large groups and some coordination, we want to make sure everyone feels they can participate in the fight. We hope these changes keep the House Captains dangerous, but give more opportunity for counterplay to the mechanics. We will continue to monitor the balance and look forward to feedback on how the captains feel after these changes. Thank you all for playing!

Future Events

  • Protector’s Jubilee
    • Daily Missions from the Anniversary now grant 5 Protector’s Bounties.
    • Repeatable Missions from the Anniversary now grant 3 Protector’s Bounties.

Combat and Powers


  • The Bregan D’aerthe Expert’s Coif now grants the correct amount of Performance to Bard Minstrels.


A number of additional companions have been revised with bug fixes and balance updates. These companions should perform more consistently with the companions updated on Menzoberranzan’s initial release.

Healer companions noted below have had (all) their healing powers substantially improved. We will continue to iterate on healer balance, but these updates should shift these companions in a much a better direction.

  • Adbar Shield Maiden and Man at Arms
    • Rebalanced as a Single-Target companions.
  • Angel of Protection
    • Protective Ward reworked as a +3% Defense, non-stacking, buff to nearby allies.
    • Angel of Protection rebalanced as a Healer companion.
  • Barbarian Shaman Balance Updates
    • Protecting Strike healing now correctly heals summoner.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid-Heal Companion.
  • Blaspheme Assassin
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the Blaspheme Assassin companion to deal additional damage when multiple of these pets were attacking the same target. Each assassin will now only deal bleed damage based on its own stacks.
  • Cold Iron Warrior Companion Update
    • Uses Spinning Steel earlier in combat.
    • Spinning Steel has a slightly larger radius.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid Companion.
  • Crystalline Golem
    • Dazing Fist no longer repels bosses and other CC immune targets.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid companion.
  • Dancing Shield
    • Dancing Shield passive now guarantees a stun proc every 8s (rather than being very rare and random)
    • Rebalanced as a Single-Target companion.
  • Displacer Beast
    • Tentacle Sweep arc increased to hit more targets.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid companion.
  • Dog, Skeletal Dog, and Damarian Shepherd
    • Takedown power fixed to knockdown appropriate non-CC immune targets.
    • Rebalanced as a Single-Target companions.
  • Fawn of Shallia / Snowy Fawn
    • Spring of Life now has a larger radius, is used much more frequently, and always appears near the summoner.
    • Rebalanced as a Healer companion.
  • Grung
    • Poisonous Skin now applies once every 3 seconds to reduce Combat Log noise.
    • Mesmerizing Chirr area slightly increased.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid Companion.
  • Lich
    • Lich stays in range of his Drain Life power more consistently.
    • Paralyzing Blast is more likely to hit multiple targets.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid companion.
  • Phoera / Mystic Phoera
    • The Phoeras had bugs that were making their Single Target power (Fiery Talon) stronger than expected, while its Passive (Phoenix Heat) was much weaker than expected. We’ve fixed those bugs, and as a result, the Phoeras will deal less damage to a single target, but more damage to multiple targets.
    • Phoenix Heat now deals a meaningful amount of damage, is only applied once every 3 seconds, and only applies in combat. In general, skills that deal damage should only activate when the companion is in combat.
    • Feathers of Flame damage slightly increased.
    • Fiery Talon damage decreased, but DoT deals its damage over a shorter timeframe.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid Companion.
  • Priestess of Sune
    • Blessing of Sune now increases teammate Deflect by 5%, non-stacking.
    • Blessing of Sune now heals the target and nearby teammates.
    • Descriptions have been updated to match new effects.
    • Rebalanced as a Healer companion.
  • Raptors (Feral, Tamed, etc.)
    • Raptor Companions rebalanced as Single Target companions.
  • Sellsword and Con Artist
    • Rebalanced as a Multi-Target companion.
  • Staldorf
    • Staldorf’s Jab no longer secretly affects threat values.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid companion.
  • Tutor Companion
    • Tutor now summons his Instructional Aids consistently.
    • Instructional Aid damage scaling fixed.
    • Rebalanced as a Single Target companion.

Items and Economy


  • The Account versions of the Ruby, Sapphire, and Aquamarine Enchantments are now Item level 1500 instead of Item Level 1600.
  • Castle Never: Orcus no longer drops Ancient Enchantments when defeated in combat.
  • Lolthian Lockbox: When players receive the Blaspheme Assassin as part of the Lolthian Lockbox, the announcement no longer ends with “asdf.”

Menzoberranzan Store

  • Further fixes have been made to ensure that players who have completed the second Milestone of the Northdark Reaches campaign can purchase Spider Keys.

User Interface


  • The day/night cycle tracker in Barovia and Avernus is once again displaying correctly on the minimap.
  • Mounts with four insignia slots will no longer incorrectly display invalid three slot bonuses in their Insignia Bonus List.
  • The Summon Vanity Pet Random Button is once again available in the Vanity Pet tab. As is the ability to summon a random vanity pet.
  • Refinement: Using the quantity slider to choose the amount of Preservation Wards now displays the correct number in the Refinement window.


  • Icosahedron Ioun Stone’s legendary account version now unlocks its collection entry.
  • Golden Memories artifacts now unlock lower rank collection entries.
  • Scathing Light artifacts now unlock comparable Golden Memories entries.
  • Rod of Pain artifacts now unlock lower rank collection entries.
  • These updates are not retroactive and players must add/move the item in their inventory to unlock the collection entries.