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New Batman Game – Is This The Game’s Logo?

The logo for Warner Bros. Montreal’s as-yet unannounced new Batman title has reportedly leaked online.

Batman Game Logo Leaked?

The logo itself can be seen in the below Tweet snapped from Warner Bros. Montreal’s office. While there’s no confirmation that this is indeed from the studio’s long-rumored Batman title, it’s definitely got a lot of people talking and there’s a chance it very well could be from the Dark Knight’s next outing.

From the look of things, it appears to take inspiration from the Beyond logo, but isn’t a complete replica of it. Another possibility is that it’s related to scrapped Damian Wayne title. Check it out below.

The new Batman game has been making the news a lot since 2020 rolled by, with recent reports suggesting it’ll feature music from the composer of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The latest reports have claimed that the new Batman game will be out later this year, and will take the form of a soft reboot in the franchise. As such, it’s not a continuation of any of the previous Arkham titles developed by Rocksteady Studios.

Rocksteady launched Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with the title being considered one of the greatest superhero games of all time and is widely responsible for saving the genre after a series of duff outings.

New Batman game logo possibly leaked

It was reported that the game would have been revealed at 2019’s The Game Awards, but this never materialised.

Most people thought it would be announced as the final game of the night, but instead we got a dodgy-looking Fast & Furious game.

As mentioned previously, Warner Bros. Montreal had posted a number of Batman-related teasers, which suggested the Court of Owls would are featured in the game. This lines up with the latest murmurs about Bats’ next outing, with the Court of Owls said to feature in the as-yet unannounced project.

Source: Comic Book