New Final Fantasy XV details surface: dialogue choices and 200 side quests confirmed

Fresh details on the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV have surfaced within the pages of the latest edition of Game Informer (via Push Square).

According to the publication, the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One JRPG will pack in a substantial amount of content, offering some 200 side quests for those who fancy venturing off the beaten path.

As if the 200 figure wasn’t enough to appeal to open-world aficionados, Square Enix has said that it aims to increase that number before the game ships. They come in four flavors: main story quests, mini-game quests, monster hunting quests and finally, regional quests. 

Elsewhere, and perhaps most interestingly, is that Final Fantasy XV will feature a type of dialogue choice system. This allows Noctis to respond to situations in various ways, which can lead to staff buffs and also have scenarios play out differently depending on what choices you make when prompted. 

Finally, the skill system was touched on. Players are awarded ability points once Noctis and team level up, which can then be spent on skills. These can include anything from sprucing up your auto-dodge command to unlocking new commands for your teammates, and will apparently let gamers forge their own play styles.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for a worldwide release on September 30, 2016. The game has been dogged by an arduous development cycle, having originally been announced nearly ten years ago as the PS3-exclusive title, Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

However, Square Enix later decided to revamp the title for current-generation consoles when the project was only about 25 percent complete. For reference, this was around 2012, so in the six years since its announcement, it’s obvious that full development didn’t start until some time after its formal reveal. 

Square Enix finally re-revealed the game as Final Fantasy XV at E3 2013 during Sony’s press conference alongside Kingdom Hearts 3. The release date was confirmed via a special event a few weeks back, where it was also revealed that the publisher plans on supporting the game with various multi-media content including a web anime and full CG film.

The game’s director, Hajime Tabata, also revealed recently that FFXV will feature Chocobo training and a New Game Plus mode, and confirmed that the title will be fully playable at E3 in June.

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