New Mass Effect 3 DLC teased

The next batch of post-launch content for Mass Effect 3 is currently being worked on at BioWare Edmonton.

The studio recently worked on the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle, whereas the previous DLC, Omega, was handled by BioWare Montreal – the same studio who is also developing Mass Effect 4.

BioWare confirmed that the new DLC will feature core members of the original Mass Effect 3 team, including lead writer Mac Walters. In total, the writing team will be comprised of eight individuals.

Jos Hendriks, a designer at BioWare Edmonton, said on the company’s official forum: “It’s all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every Mass Effect 3 DLC writer her in Edmonton is involved.”

“If my math skills are correct [that means] eight.”

In addition, Sam Hulick, chief composer on Mass Effect 3, also looks set to return after being absent from both the Leviathan and Omega expansions.

“What I’m up to lately: working on an unannounced Mass Effect 3 DLC!”, he wrote on Twitter. “More details on this coming later on.”

Hulick will also be joined by returning voice cast member Seth Green, who has played Normandy pilot Joker since the original game five years ago. Green’s return was confirmed via a Tweet by Caroline Levingstone, voice director and producer at BioWare.

Finally, it seems that the voice of Kaiden Alenko, Raphael Sbarge, will also be chipping in on the new DLC. Back in October, Sbarge said he was recording new dialogue in the studio, and since Omega didn’t feature any of Shepard’s squaddies, we assume the new voice work pertains to the upcoming DLC.

Stay tuned for more news on Mass Effect 3’s next chunk of DLC as we get it.

via Eurogamer