New PS4 games – September 2016

Following a rather barren stage in the video game release calendar, there are plenty of new PS4 games coming soon, including 2016’s new iterations of much-loved soccer franchises, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and check out the best PS4 games coming to your console in September 2016. Check out the PS4 games release date list to find out when the following games are due to launch.

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Note: All PS4 release dates are subject to change, and new games may be added to the list closer to the time. There’s probably a bunch of indie titles missed out as they like to sneak one or two upon us in the PlayStation Store update.

PS4 games out in September


DOGOS is a fast-paced shooter set in space. Players blast their way through 14 levels fighting against enemies and bosses that require various strategies to destroy. The game boasts an original soundtrack and four levels of difficulty as players take the role of a human pilot in his mission to quell the alien invasion.


The Tomorrow Children
Q-Games Minecraft-esque, game-like virtual society thingy finally gets a full release exclusively on PS4 in September. Explore, mine for minerals and defend your town from the marauding attacks of the giant monsters that roam the void.

Watch the The Tomorrow Children trailer.


PES 2017
Based on last year’s wonderful effort, Konami has finally upped the ante in recent years with its long-running soccer franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer. PES 2017 can’t compete with FIFA’s licensed team or graphical finesse, but it’s looking wonderful on the pitch, which is where it really matters, right?

Watch the PES 2017 trailer.



Updates to EA’s latest FIFA game include new attacking techniques, a new set piece overhaul, and a new active intelligence system. There’s also a story campaign in which EA has teamed with Manchester United. Play in the role of young footballer Alex Hunter and make your mark in the Premiership.

Watch the FIFA 17 trailer.


NBA 2k17
The 18th instalment of 2K’s long running basketball game simulates the experience of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Along with all the real-life NBA teams and players, expect 50 licensed songs in the soundtrack and the return of MyGM and MyLeague game modes.

Watch the NBA 2K17 trailer.



Nascar: Heat Evolution
Put your foot on the accelerator and get ready to race around all 23 tracks from the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Enjoy four different game modes, and a speed rating system that matches players skill levels.

Watch the NASCAR: Heat Evolution trailer.



Among the PS4 games coming soon is the sequel to Fireaxis Games’ turn-based tactical game takes place 20 years after the events in Enemy Unknown. Command squad members and use them tactical to take out the hostile alien threat.

Watch the XCOM 2 trailer.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2
Taking place a month after the events in the prequel, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, this second game features few gameplay changes to the tried-and-trusted RPG mechanics. However, there is the new tactical link system, where you’ll level up your link levels with other characters.

Watch the Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 trailer.


Just Sing
Having debuted on Nintendo Wii, We Sing comes to PS4 and will support up to eight microphones for some classic karaoke action. Along six game modes, three difficulty settings and competitive leaderboards, the track list includes songs by David Bowie and Abba.

Watch the Just Sing trailer.



More PS4 games coming soon overleaf…


Bioshock: The Collection
Head back to Rapture, and re-live all three classic Bioshock games in their remastered glory on PS4. That’s Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite, as well as all the single-player DLC packs. There’s also a new director’s commentary reel and a behind-the-scenes tour.

Watch the Bioshock: The Collection trailer.


Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness
If you like visual novel games, then Psycho Pass could be just your ticket. Set in a dystopian Tokyo future, the game follows the storyline of the first eight episodes of the anime series with players controlling one of two characters. It’s certainly one for the fans!

Watch the Psycho Pass trailer.


Two Tribes’ platforming shoot ‘em up is a remake of the same-named 2D side-scroller. Players can rotate 360 degrees collecting and upgrading hacks as they blast away at robotic enemies.

Watch the Rive trailer.


The Dwarves
Technically, this tactical RPG may not make its September release but we’ve included it anyway just in case! Players will traverse battlefields in the guise of Tungdil, a dwarf who has 12 friends each with different fighting abilities. Teamwork is the key to success if you hope to mow down your ferocious enemies!

Watch The Dwarves trailer.


Mount & Blade: Warband
This is the standalone expansion to Mount & Blade, the sandbox RPG released on Steam. Journey across a fictional medieval setting, choose your career path and take over strongholds. Master weapons, fight on your steed and take part in great battles!

Watch the Mount & Blade: Warband trailer.



Destiny: The Collection
Get one of PS4’s hottest shooters and all the expansions, including The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King, and the brand new Rise of Iron. Enjoy a 40-level character boost and set off into the universe with your fellow guardians!

Watch the Destiny: The Collection trailer.



Destiny: Rise of Iron
Sure to be top of many Destiny players PS4 games coming soon list, enjoy a new PvP map, a new quest line and a ship in the latest expansion to the much-loved shooter, Destiny. The new map, Icarus, is said to cater for 6v6 battles and close-quarter and mid-range skirmishes.

Watch the Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer.


Dead Rising: 10 year Anniversary
Capcom’s triple-pack of zombie mayhem arrives on PS4 with Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. All games will be upscaled in 1080p and 60 frames per second!

Watch the Dead Rising: 10 year anniversary trailer.


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
This fourth game in the Shantae platforming series features a half-genie who uses her hair as a whip. She can also transform into numerous creatures, such as a monkey that can climb walls.

Watch the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero trailer.


Super Dungeon Bros
This rock-themed co-op dungeon brawler allows for teams with four players to descend the darkest dungeons to fight and puzzle their way out of various deadly situations.

Watch the Super Dungeon Bros trailer.


Yesterday Origins
Embark on a time-traveling, investigation-driven adventure with John Yesterday and Pauline Petit, a couple of immortals who own an antiques shop in Paris. Weird!

Watch the Yesterday Origins trailer.



Cosmic Star Heroine
Enjoy a new turn-based RPG from the creators of Cthulhu Saves The World. Travel to exotic planets, fight evil and save the galaxy!

Watch the Cosmic Star Heroine trailer.


Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition (pending release)
Build a Viking civilization using strategy and gathered resources. Grow your population, create a balanced economic system, and overcome vast challenges.

Watch the original Valhalla Hills trailer.



Darkest Dungeon
Explore dungeons beneath a gothic mansion in this rogue-like dungeon crawling game from Red Hook Studios. Manage a roster of heroes, get embroiled in turn-based combat, and pick and choose which characters you sit fit for each tricky dungeon.

Watch the Darkest Dungeon trailer.



Lithium: Inmate 39
Turn off the lights and play this puzzle platform horror game where you take the role of a psychiatric patient embroiled in a world full of demons.

Watch the Lithium trailer.


There are many more PS4 games coming soon, so stay tuned for the October 2016 edition, and check out this video from YouTuber The Gay Klingon, who has put together some of the best PS4 games coming out in September into a handy video with trailers.




Other PlayStation 4 games coming in September include:

  • Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
  • Virginia 
  • Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy 
  • Qurare: Magic Library 
  • Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet 
  • Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax 
  • MeiQ: Labryinth of Death 
  • Don’t Starve Together 
  • Slain: Back from Hell 
  • Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni
  • Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
  • Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut 
  • The Bunker
  • Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gig
  • Pac Man Championship Edition 2

 Which of these new PS4 games will you be picking up?