New PS4 horror game ‘The Town of Light’ gets a creepy trailer


Luca Dalcò, Art Director/Screenwriter at Studio, has announced that its psychological adventure, The Town of Light, is coming to the PlayStation 4 this Spring.

The Town of Light takes places at the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum in Tuscany, Italy and is inspired by true events. The asylum closed in the late 1970’s after the Italian government passed a law ordering the closure of those kind of facilities and that patients be returned to their human rights.

This would give a reason that while the place exists on Google Maps, you can’t access the streetview camera to the facility. According to Dalcò, the asylum was once home to nearly 6,000 patients and still stands today although it had to be digitally reconstructed by the team.

In The Town of Light you see the world through the eyes of a 16-year-old girl known as Renee. Renee suffers from various symptoms of mental illness which explains why she is in the asylum in the first place. While there, she searches for answers to questions about her past but she can’t tell from what’s real or not.