New Rocksteady Game Teased Again


Everyone wants to know what new game Rocksteady is working on. Every single tweet the studio makes is being scrutinised like a piece of forensic evidence.

Such has been the team's ability to keep the secret under wraps, the tension and hype is building and even we're finding ourselves studying every single thing that Rocksteady says or shows.

What Is The New Rocksteady Game?

In its latest tweet, we get a simple black and white photo of the Rocksteady Mocap studio. Yes, we've also been zooming in and studying ever millimetre of space on the photo, but we can't find any clues. Maybe there’s a clue in “calm before the storm?”

This latest tweet also ties in with one of their previous ones that got tongues wagging about the new Rocksteady game, showing off eight members of the team dressed in mo-cap suits. This led to wild speculation, including our own, with most people convinced we're about to hear about a big, new superhero game.

Though many think it's Superman, there's also the possibility that it could be Wonder Woman or even something based around the Suicide Squad franchise or Justice League.

Do us a favour, will you? Take a look at that photo above and if you spot any hidden clues, let us know.

Even Troy Baker, who has worked with Rocksteady on the Batman series, wants to know!

Or, is he involved too? All will be announced in due course, but the wait is killing us. Just tell us goddamnit!